Since the beginning of time, men and women were created to reign. The schemes of this world have robbed us of our rightful identities, confidence, and abundance in life but God put seeds of greatness inside of you. Those seeds are to blossom for that is the will of God. The time has come for all of us, as heirs of the King, to recognize the Queen within, fiercely step into ALL we were called to be and REIGN!

Find Your Fierce with Me!

Being fierece requires us to transform from within while we change what we do externally. If we don’t experience internal change, we can keep swapping out the things we do but we’ll never attain lasting results. It’s like the rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic. You can rearrange the chairs all you want but the ship is still going to sink!!!

If you are finding your fierce, might I make a suggestion? Dont just Do something different, BE different. I believe you are deserving of your dreams and manifesting greatness is possible for everyone. There is a  Queen within you and she can have an impenetrable mindset, unshakable confidence and a purpose-filled life of abundance.

Join Spiritual Boss Chick on a quest of transformation that will lead you to manifesting your greatness, elevating your performance, maximizing your impact and reigning on and in every stage of life. What could be more important?!

Let’s partner with God as we apply His transformational power and my proven success strategies to enable you to crush opportunities beyond what you once thought were possible.

Hi, I’m Dr. Kennedy Garcia

I am a Transformation Expert creating fierce female leaders and moving masses of people from surviving to thriving by equipping them to breakthrough obstacles and implement frameworks that enables success and achieves thier dreams.

Motivated by the purpose of wanting every woman to know she was born to reign, coupled with a desire to foster the transformation needed for them to step into all they were created to be, I founded Spiritual Boss Chick, a coaching platform helping individuals around the world reach their full potential and crush opportunities beyond what they once thought possible.

Spirtual Boss Chick courses, podcasts, events, and results-based coaching programs have produced winning results for numerous women around the globe, from CEO’s to Miss Universe contestants. You can be next!!!

When they say behind every successful woman there is a group of others holding her up, it’s the truth. I believe we can all reign together. Join an elite community of extraordinary Queens working to boss up & REIGN in Leadership, Pageantry & Life!!!