Since the beginning of time, men and women were created to reign. The schemes of this world have robbed us of our rightful identities, confidence, and abundance in life but God has put seeds of greatness inside of you. Those seeds are to blossom for that is the will of God. The time has come for all of us, as heirs of the King, to step into ALL we were called to be, conquer our divine assignments and REIGN!

Make The Shift! 

Powerful change requires we transform from within while we change what we do externally. If we don’t experience internal change, we can keep swapping out the things we do but we’ll never attain lasting results. It’s like the rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic. You can rearrange the chairs all you want but the ship is still going to sink!!!

Dont just Do something different, BE different. I believe you are deserving of your dreams and manifesting greatness is possible for everyone. You can have an impenetrable mindset, unshakable confidence and a purpose-filled professional & personal life of abundance.

Join Spiritual Boss Chick on a quest of transformation that will lead you to manifesting your greatness, elevating your performance, maximizing your impact and reigning on and in every stage of life. What could be more important?!

Let’s partner with God as we apply His transformational power and my proven success strategies to enable you to reach opportunities beyond what you once thought were possible.

This option is a beautiful way to become part of the Spiritual Boss Chick community, grow spiritually and have accountability partnership in your life!

Is God calling you to build?  To speak? To lead? This option will equip women who are ready to answer the call with a resounding, “YES, LORD!”

Expand your mindset, build confidence, master resilience and develop personal leadership skills while you gain new perspectives with this option!

This option is perfect for women & girls who are serious about pageantry and want to go from chasing the crown to actually capturing it.

Hi, Im Kennedy

I am a Success Strategist, Performance Coach & Faith + Leadership Mentor creating “Holy Shifts” in lives, businesses and pageantry, helping you activate courage in the face of adversity, execute on purpose, master resilience, optimize performance and maximize impact.

Utilizing my 25+ years of experience in Strategic Planning + Human Centered Design, knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and application of Biblical Truths, I move people from surviving to thriving by partnering with them to breakthrough obstacles holding them back and implement successful frameworks that enable them to crush opportunities beyond what they once thought were possible personally and professionally.

I want every person to know YOU can reign on and in every stage of life. All you need is the right shift, a holy shift, which is waiting for you right here at Spiritual Boss Chick.


Check out our online programs….

If you are ready to invest in yourself but need to do it without breaking the bank try one of the online programs carefully crafted by Kennedy with your specific needs in mind. Here is what you can expect online at the BOSS Center of Excellence by Spiritual Boss Chick

With a comprehensive suite of dynamic programs, we equip you with everything you need to transform how you grow, lead and win the battle of overcoming the fear of change, rejection and failure so you can feel confident going for your dreams

Not only will we provide you with the education, knowledge and resources you need to get the best results for your transformation, we’ll equip you to propel over barriers in life that hold you back so you can become unstoppable while also offering a community that you’ll be part of, for life. 

We mentor you throughout your transformation journey to amplify the impact you make in yourself and the world utilizing biblical truth, positive psychology and personal experiences to shake perspectives, shift mindsets and influence personal & professional outcomes while growing confidence in your walk with God so that you feel embraced, empowered and equipped by faith at the same time.


When they say behind every successful woman there is a group of others holding her up, it’s not a lie. I believe we can all win together. Join an elite community of extraordinary Kingdom Heirs working to BOSS UP by manifest their dreams and walk in their purpose!!!