about the business

Spiritual Boss Chick LLC. and its subsidiaries, Kingdom Apps & The Dream Academy are collectively on a mission to strategize with individuals, businesses, organizations and systems to enable personal and professional transformation while shifting what communities, the workplace and success looks like



Spritual boss chick lLC. 

We empower & equip female leaders and the men who support them by optimizing faith, purpose and potential in an effort to enable personal and professional transformation. 

We challenge businesses & corporate executives to think differently about the intersectionality of ethics, faith and work & encourage building faith friendly environments. 

We use our voice to advocate & advance social policy that empower the lives of women across the world, promote positive change and eliminate social, economic and environmental injustice in systems, legislation and practices.


Kingdom Apps by spiritual boss chick 

We specialize in providing consultation, design, development, implementation and ongoing hosting for IOS, Android & PWA applications for small businesses, organizations and individuals looking to enable customer growth and strengthen their online presence.

We build and operate mobile solutions that empower users with access to information that catalyzes personal, professional and spiritual transformation anywhere.

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The dream academy by spiritual boss chick

We are a Non Profit Organization 501(c)(3) created to transform the perspective of dreaming for girls. We’re bridging the gender dream gap by not just telling girls they should dream big, but by nurturing a vision for life and providing access to resources that help achieve it.

We equip girls to live their dreams by helping them imagine all they can become through optimizing their faith, potential and education while also expanding their networks and providing solutions that eliminate barriers.