Fear NOT!

Fear is a liar. It tells you not to believe in yourself. That you aren't worthy. I've learned to not give into that notion.

I wanted to start my own blog years ago. Something kept holding me back and instead of starting one I decided to write for someone else. I noticed that they were editing some of my content and when I asked why they shared that it was too focused on God. WHAT??? Hmm. That did it. I decided to overcome my fear of going out of my own and as we speak, I am jumping into waters deep, all alone. 

Did you know that the Scriptures include the words "Fear not" hundreds of times. Isaiah 35:4, for example, reads, "Say to those with anxious heart, 'Take courage, fear not.'" A few things that have been shared with me about fear. 

First, when we become fearful, we first feel an overwhelming need for protection. Many people build tornado shelters, install fire alarms, buy bigger locks for their doors and purchase thousands of dollars of insurance for traveling. Yet, they are still fearful and want more protection from what "could happen." 

Second, we tend to procrastinate and put off decisions we know we should make. Some people actually have a hard time going shopping because they fear they'll make the wrong choices. 

Third, we find ourselves erecting barriers to keep others from knowing us. Many people are so afraid of rejection in their relationships that they will risk very little. 

Fourth, we become obsessed with failing. This is common with anyone who has ever been fired from a job. Still others who actually do succeed, fear they'll lose it all! 

Finally, this fear drives us away from God and can most times keep us from HIS greatest blessings. Some people are afraid of God and His will for their lives. Yet, the best antidote to fear is praying and yielding our lives to God. 

A short while ago I decided to not allow fear to control me but have faith in God for the protection over my heart. Out of obedience, I am no longer running from that little voice inside of me. The one that nags you because its aware of the greatness that abides within. You know, that "calling" you have deep inside. Im yielding to it and whenever fear rears its ugly little head again he will have a fight that he isn't prepared for. 

I challenge you to recognize when you are allowing fear to take over. Transform your mindset and think of fear as a catalyst. Let it push you to plan and organize more strategically instead of deter you from doing the things you love. Know that you will never avoid failing but there are valuable lessons to be learned in failure. Most of all, never, ever, give into it.

With Style & Grace,