What did God say?

As we are now in the last quarter of the year I find myself thinking more on what’s to come in 2019. I’ve developed a vision board but it’s different than what most people create. This vision is not of my own but it directly correlates to what I believe God says my life is supposed to be

So I have a question for you... WHAT DID GOD SAY He would do in your life????

Some days it might feel like you’ll never get over the hurdles that life throws at you but one thing I know for sure.. nothing can stop the vision of the Lord. God is not going to reduce his vision to cater to your comforts. He is going to expand you in areas that require growth and transform the way you see life. Those things appearing as giants in your life will have to fall one day so do not stay where you are when you feel like you’ve been defeated. Keep going but get the right vision!

In Number 13:28 we see what happens when people use their own vision vs. Gods vision for them. (Your vision) Feeling insignificant and thinking others see you the same way. Allowing fear to send you backward after praying for deliverance.
(God vision) Penetrates the heart and aligns potential with Gods plan and power!

Receiving God vision is a function of the mind and heart. Here are two ways to begin seeing and achieving Gods vision instead of your own;
1.) Abide in Him and begin living with transformed expectations, because our vision is only as good as our lenses but Godly coated scripture lenses will give us Godly vision.
2.) Go through the process of revisioning in every aspect of your life. In business, careers particularly, this has to happen or you’ll be obsolete. Put forward the effort required to make the transformation happen. Remember, you don’t want to be Blockbuster Video! (See previous post)

If you seek Him, God will give you the tools needed and you will begin to leave a trail of defeated giants. You got this!!!!