What do you have in your hands?

I was reading this morning about Moses and all he accomplished, simply because he allowed God to use him

I was reminded of a Rick Warren speech I heard where he talked about the staff in Moses hand that turned into a snake as he threw it to the ground at the request of the Lord.

The story of Moses and his discussion with God is so important and applicable to our lives today. Moses was in an incredibly difficult situation (Exodus 4). He carried a shepherd’s staff with him on most occasions because that was his vocation yet as he stood at the precipice of what would no doubt become one of the greatest obstacles in his life, God asked him a question, “what’s that in your hand?”

See, I believe that we sometimes choose not to respond to difficulties and challenges in life because we feel unequipped. Maybe it’s true that what we have in our hands is insufficient in and of itself to completely remedy the situation. However, if we would only take the time to hear God speak and offer to be used with what we have – our talents, gifts, abilities, even our very lives, our ‘little’ can make all the difference in the world

Never underestimate what you have in your hands. While the problem may seem to lack a solution, what is impossible with us is not impossible with God.