a sisterhood that accelerates transformation

You belong here because sisters in this sisterhood understand. Sharing resources, thoughts and feelings of your authentic self is one of the best benefits of sisterhood. Our sisterhood is a safe space to learn and collaborate. Together we can defeat the demons of self-doubt, fear and complacency that have kept you from being your own hero and transforming into all God intended you to be. 

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The vault Mastermind - Private Group to Learn, Grow & bear fruit

Starting a business in a male-dominated sector has its own set of challenges for women. From having to prove ourselves constantly to the blatant sexism, we have unique hurdles that we have to navigate on a daily basis. But, a lack of female role models and support makes it worse.

Behind every successful woman is the will of God and a squad of other women lifting her up! In The BOSS Sanctuary you can engage with other Spiritual Boss Chicks & will experience a monthly discussion full of fresh thinking, inspiration, and faith guided problem solving strategies that will help propel you toward your purpose and support you through transformation. 

Be part of a group of women making "BOSS" moves and receive the support you've been looking for. Together we will learn, grow &  bear fruit. 

Access this members only feature by downloading the Spiritual Boss Chick App!

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The way a branch must remain connected to the vine to bear fruit the spirit must be connected to the creator for understanding of not our own desires but what God's desires for ourselves and others are. Abiding in God through worship, serving and prayer brings us closer to our life assignment.  

We want to help you gain understanding and be equipped to become abiding believers through developing a flourishing prayer life so that you discover God's will and connect with God's heart. It is then that you will be on your way to fully understanding &  optimizing your divine purpose.  

Access this members only feature by downloading the Spiritual Boss Chick App!

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Listening to God, creating a visualization and setting goals is a way of paying attention to His vision for your life and taking the time to shape them into concrete aspirations, you are taking a step toward moving yourself in the direction of growth.

Does your current vision board reflect God's plan for your life or your own? Have you set goals and/or an execution plan to achieve them? 

Attend an in-Person workshop to take your vision to the next level. We will help you Honestly evaluate your gifts, talents, purpose, passion and resources and will partner with you to translate God’s vision into faith guided goals and practical action steps