I am NOT an average Pageant Coach. I am a Success Strategist, Transformation Expert & Reign Maker! My coaching strategies are unique and have contributed to the successes of dozens of women & girls competing for their dream job, whether in pageantry or the corporate world.

Calling All Competitors!

The Spiritual Boss Chick “Beyond The Crown” coaching program was created to help competitors like you become unstoppable and conquer thier dreams. This program is perfect for women & girls who are serious about pageantry and tired of hearing their name called before the winner is announced. Is that you?

Do you want to go from chasing the crown to actually capturing it? Do you want to make a lasting impression and a greater impact? If so..

Partner with Spiritual Boss Chick on a transformational journey to identify your barriers to success, manage emotions and develop a winning mindset. Learn to share your purpose, passion and story to promote an authentic personal brand. Elevate your presentation, leadership and interpersonal skills to dominate your interviews and create memorable experiences for audiences on and in every stage of life.

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Purpose Driven REIGN Magazine for the Titleholders & The Pageant Industry

The hottest new publication in pageantry is coming soon! Purpose driven REIGN Magazine is focused on the Queen behind the crown, her personal mission and the lasting legacy she is working hard to create.

For decades, some of the worlds greatest challenges have been addressed by everyday Queens. We’ve decided it’s time to educate the masses on the amazing things women achieve throughout their journey in pageantry by sharing inspirational stories of purpose & triumph, directly from the Queens’ themselves!

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Calling all Directors!

Let’s collaborate to ensure your contestants are confident, prepared and fierce in their pursuit of the crown. 

Some of my favorite people to work with in the world are Pageant Directors who are committed to being the best. After being a pageant competitor since the age of 15, I can assure you that I’ve seen allot and I know that the best system a girls can compete in is one equips her to step into her greatness in pageantry and beyond the crown. 

Let’s partner together!

There are so many ways for us to collaborate. If you see one you’re interested in, let’s connect. 

Spiritual Boss Chick offers carefully crafted programs & services that specifically address challenges within the pageant community and equips women & girls to grow, lead, win & reign!

When they say behind every successful woman there is a group of others holding her up, it’s not a lie. I believe we can all win together. Join an elite community of extraordinary Go-Getters, Change-Makers and Game-Changers striving to reign in pageantry & life