From Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Creatives and Artists to Stay at home Moms, we are all called to transform into great leaders at some point in our lives. Get equipped with the leadership skills you need to accelerate transformation and upward mobility. Together we can defeat the demons of self-doubt, fear and complacency that have kept you from being your own hero and producing the upward mobility God intended you to have for your career & businesses. 


purpose driven leadership: Workshops

Does your current vision reflect God's plan for your life or your own? Have you previously set goals but found yourself without a plan to achieve them? Are you transitioning from school to the workplace, or from one career to another and need to learn leadership skills that will help advance your career? Spiritual Boss Chick Leadership Development Workshops will equip you with the skills you need to become the leader you’ve always dreamt of being.

The Power of Purpose Workshop helps you identify purpose and creates a pathway forward to align your life to it. Together we will honestly evaluate your God given gifts, talents, passion and resources and determine your unique set of qualities. You will leave this workshop aware of your secret sauce and armed with a plan for using it to achieve your success..

Goal Setting & Visioning Workshop  walks a novice or even a professional goal getter down the path of clarifying ideas, focusing effort and using time wisely by sharing the most intricate and often missed details of setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals that lead to success. Once goals are developed the fun of creating a visualization and developing a plan to achieve it begins! Attend the Spiritual Boss Chick Vision & Goals workshop to take your vision to the next level.

Brains, Beauty & The Boardroom Workshop  Power moves to landing your dream job


Entreprenuerial leadership: workshops

Have you reached an inflection point in your passion project where you’ve decided to turn it into a business? Do you already have a strategy but you're interested in learning how to plan and execute like a "BOSS"? Have you already started a side hustle or small business and need to develop the exposure needed to help take you to the next level? Increase your chance of sustainability by allowing us to help you accelerate your business transformation.

Passion to Profit Strategic Planning Workshop guides you through building a framework, roadmap and execution plan that lays out your strategic direction and immediate next steps to success. We help you go from thinking about your passion to using it to create innovative solutions for some of the worlds greatest challenges in an accelerated way.

Lets Talk About Tech Ladies Workshop helps you build the technology infrastructure needed to grow a loyal customer base, strengthen your online presence and increase revenue. We show you every step needed to build powerful mobile features that will dazzle your clients.. You will be given access to our easy to use, no code app development toolset. You can have an app up and running by the end of our workshop!



Faith & work intersectionality: workshops

Businesses are striving to develop and sustain a more inclusive culture. Research has shown that a faith friendly corporate environment can lead to higher engagement & productivity.

We will work directly with corporate leadership to develop culture shifting strategies and programs that empower employees to bring their authentic selves to work and supports them in using their faith to thrive personally and professionally