About Dr. Kennedy Garcia

Faith + Family + Servant Leadership mean everything to me. I am a catalyst for moving faith-based and secular communities from surviving to thriving, utilizing my proven theory that faith, wellness & leadership development transforms lives and manifests greatness in all of us.

I am a rare combination of Success Strategist, Pageant Aficionado, Ministry Leader, Philanthropist & Corporate Executive who’s dedicated a number of years to working with women & girls to maximize their gifts, expand their leadership and amplify their legacy by elevating faith & teaching principles of resilience, spiritual formation, influence, branding, goal execution, emotional intelligence and sustaining a winning mindset.

Among the many hats I wear two that are very important to me are wife & mother and above all things, I know that a life with Jesus at the center is a blessed life full of love, hope, meaning and purpose. I am a Queen who honors the King and it is my hearts joy to bring Him glory while I serve as a champion for HIS Kingdom.

By day I am a Healthcare Executive nationally accountable for legislative policy execution, organizational change management & strategic planning at a $73 billion nonprofit organization and an change making Coach, Keynote Speaker, Panelist, Author,  Show Host & Emcee by night.

Give me a microphone and watch the engery in the room shift! I learned the power of my voice at an early age and haven’t stopped using it since which has led to me becoming a highly sought after international speaker. My most common keynotes share my knowledge, expertise and most vulnerable life moments to help others learn important personal & professional skills.

I host podcasts, shows, workshops and webinars to help women find success in leadership, life and pageantry. My podcast Your Crown is Calling will inspire you to step into your greatness while The Pink Couch; a YouTube series I host alongside my besties will encourage you to have uncomfortable conversations and take action!


I developed a love for pageantry at 15yrs young and as a life long advocate of women & girls, devoted health & wellness ambassador and highly sought after interview & leadership coach I have utllized pageants to transform lives everyday while wearing a crown both figuratively and literally as a 7X titlehololder.

Recently crowned Mrs. California International 2023, I am utilizing this title to elevate my “Reigning Leadership” platform which amplifies the importance of women in leadership, teaches women and girls around the world how to shatter ceilings, raises funds for Dream Academy scholarships and increases user adoption for my newest app; REIGN.

I pray that God will continue to use me to demonstrate how important the mission of developing great female leaders really is to the future of this state, country and world!