Purpose driven transformation

It’s the truth. You have everything you need already inside of you to become the hero of your own life. Hang out with us for a while and you will be guided in the right direction. Together we can defeat the demons of self-doubt, fear and complacency that have kept you from being your own hero and producing the upward mobility God intended you to have for your career & businesses. 

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SBC Brunch & Learn

Behind every successful woman is a squad of other women lifting her up! At our Boss Brunches you can engage with other Spiritual Boss Chicks to expand and connect resources in solving some of YOUR greatest career & life challenges.

Enjoy an intimate and private setting with great food and bottomless mimosas while learning how to apply business & life strategies that work! Be part of a group of women making "BOSS" moves and receive the support you've been looking for! 

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SBC design & development 

Do you have a ton of ideas but need help deciding how to bring them to life? Have you reached an inflection point in your passion project where you’ve decided to turn it into a business? Are  you already operating  but want explore a new direction? All of these actions require you make strategic decisions.

Increase your chance of sustainability by allowing us to help you build a strategic framework, roadmap and execution plan that lays out your immediate next steps to success. Our framework will help you go from thinking about your passion to using it to create innovative solutions to some of the worlds greatest challenges and designing a business anchored to your purpose; from identifying who your customers are to understanding markets and considering what drives them; from understanding how to read financial statements to developing financial insights and reading the financial footprints of different business models.

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SBC resources

Do you already have a strategy but you're interested in learning how to plan and execute like a "BOSS"? Are you transitioning from school to the workplace, or from one career to another and need to learn how to tap into your purpose to advance your career? Have you already started a side hustle or small business and need to develop the skills needed to help take you to the next level?

Download resources from our Side Hustle Lab or attend an in-Person workshop. 

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